Do you charge for quotes?

  • No! Our quotes are always free. Quotes can be prepared and returned to you within one business day. Please submit your document for translation or request more information by using the Quote Form

How are translations priced?

  • Translations are priced on a per-word basis depending on the language being translated, the technical nature of the document, and the deadline. Fill out the quote form and we will be happy to prepare a cost estimate for you within one business day. Proofreading and certification of the documents are included in the price of the translation.

Does Arabic or Japanese cost more to translate than Spanish?

  • No, a Japanese or Arabic translation will cost the same as a Spanish translation.

How quickly can your company translate a document?

  • Our normal turnaround time is 3-5 business days for smaller projects. However, the turnaround time is ultimately determined by the word count and technicality of the document. Please fill out the quote form or give us a call and we will be happy to include the turnaround time along with the price in the quote that we return to you.

In what manner and format does your company need to receive documents to be translated?

  • We can receive documents via email in the format of your choice (Word, PDF, Power Point, or other), or if you only have hard copies, you can fax, mail, or send them by courier to us.

How will the document be returned to me?

  • We can return documents in the format we receive it (Word, PDF, Power Point, or other).

Do you count numbers and words like 'a' and 'the' when considering the word count in a document?

  • Yes, our final word count is based on the electronic word count of the translated language (target language). This is an industry standard and is really the only consistent and fair way of charging between translators and clients.

Are translations done by human translators or machines?

  • All of the translations performed by Language Bridge, LLC are done by human translators, who translate into their native language and are experts on the subjects in which they translate.

What are the payment methods and terms?

  • We accept payment by credit cards, checks, money orders or wire transfers.

Is it easy to sign up?

  • Yes! Simply fill out some forms and a representative of Language Bridge will contact you regarding employment!

What does the online system offer an interpreter?

  • Our interpreters have 24/7 access to all of their scheduled appointments, making it easy to keep our interpreters updated on any appointment changes. Also, interpreters can view all previous requests, letting them know how many appointments they have taken in the past, and how much they will be receiving.

What does the online system offer a customer?

  • Our online system offers our customers instant access to all previous invoices and upcoming appointments. It allows the customer to have full access and control over the creating, viewing, and canceling of appointments.