Social Services

Social services interpreters serve a vital purpose in the United States, as we are more culturally and linguistically diverse than ever before. Social services organizations routinely work with Limited-English Proficient (LEP) clients, and their use of qualified interpreters and translators is necessary when language barriers arise in order for providers and staff to communicate effectively. Language Bridge, LLC’s team of certified and qualified interpreters work with social services organizations and agencies to provide quality language access for LEP and deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals.

When proper interpretation and translation services are not present, we begin to understand their true value for Limited-English speakers who require interpreters to make important life, health, and welfare decisions. And just as you are unlikely to assemble your product without proper instructions, LEP and deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals are less likely to receive the proper care from government programs, non-profits, and healthcare organizations without the use of qualified interpreters and translators.

Language Bridge, LLC provides the social services industry with qualified social services interpreters, and we regularly work with social services organizations such as the Department of Public Health, Department of Family Services, and Housing Authorities.

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