Language Bridge, LLC is helping government agencies at federal, state and local levels to communicate with everyone in their community, regardless of language. From meetings, phone calls, and face-to-face interpretations, we eliminate the language barrier between federal agencies and constituents with limited language abilities. As the number of non-English speaking residents in the US is growing, government agencies are looking for more support from support from interpretation and translation agencies. Language Bridge, LLC is always ready to help and provide exceptional services. We have a dedicated team of translators and interpreters with extensive experience in the legal field and professional expertise in language services for government agencies.

Many Language Bridge, LLC interpreters hold Court Interpreter Certification, ensuring the expertise you depend on.

Legal Translation typically covers the translation of documents including contract agreements, immigration documentation, court orders, witness statements, articles of incorporation, wills, trusts, patents and more. Legal translation, however, need not solely apply to the legal sector – every business generates its own legal work, from HR contracts to export licenses and more.

Our Translators are all native speakers and fluent in English, with significant experience in the legal industry and a strong understanding of the unique demands of the profession, including legal terminology and vocabulary. Legal translation requires full mastery of both the source and target languages, as well as in-depth knowledge of the legal systems across the two countries concerned. The subject matter is so detailed, that legal translation requires a high threshold of experience. We always place great emphasis and ensure your legal translation as well as interpretation is only completed by a legal translator who is certified and experienced.

We take pride in offering a complete solution. We handle different types of legal documents from contracts to witness statements. We have introduced varied quality checks and ensure the translations we deliver to you are as accurate as possible.

Language Bridge, LLC can assist in a variety of legal settings including:

  • Litigation Support
  • Onsite Depositions
  • Independent Medical Exams
  • Hearings
  • Examinations Under Oath
  • Personal Documentation
  • Intellectual Property
  • Workers Compensation

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