About Us

Language Bridge, LLC was founded in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1996 by Mila Dubinchik MD, PhD as a professional interpretation and translation agency dedicated to improving multi-lingual business relations and enhancing health care access for those with limited English language skills.

Since its inception, we have hired and trained hundreds of interpreters and have serviced over eight thousand assignments annually in over hundred languages and dialects. Today, Language Bridge, LLC has active contracts in the public sector with organizations such as regional schools, medical facilities, law enforcement agencies, and legal and human service providers.

Throughout its 20 years in business, Language Bridge, LLC has offered services including, but not limited to: interpretation, translation, document proofreading, and language consulting. We constantly strive to provide exceptional customer service to our customers and are thrilled to provide additional services such as quality assurance, graphic design, and personalized services.

Our Mission

Language Bridge, LLC acts as a bridge between different cultures providing our clients with the highest quality and most cost-effective foreign language services available. We are committed to providing equal access to health care, legal services, education, marketing, manufacturing, social, community and business services to clients with limited English skills.

What separates us from the competition

Our company is unique in our ability to provide excellent, high quality, approachable and responsive services through around-the-clock 24/7/365 support to assist with your interpretation and translation needs. Whether you have an emergency request on extremely short notice or you want to make an appointment months in advance, we are always ready for your call.

Additionally, our convenient website allows our clients to obtain Language Bridge, LLC services without picking up the phone. Our clients can log in to our online portal to access their data, to place and manage new orders, view request' history, and monitor their invoices instantly simplifying and enhancing business administration. We also provide personalized services precisely designed for your individual needs. In addition, Language Bridge, LLC offers disaster protection and recovery services for our clients' data.

Health Information Portability Accounting Act (HIPAA)

The Health Information Portability Accounting Act OF 1996 (HIPAA) protects hospital patients from invasion of privacy whether intentional or inadvertent. Under the HIPAA ruling, organizations in the medical and health fields can be penalized up to $250,000 (including a potential 10-year prison sentences for perpetrators).

HIPAA's intent is to protect patient's privacy entailing medical confidential records, health insurance claims, diagnosis, prescription drugs, etc. Anything that has to do with a patient's identifiable information that is transferred to or maintained by a Health care provider falls under the HIPAA regulations.

Each of Language Bridge, LLC's employees sign HIPAA agreements and a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Language Bridge, LLC is recognized as a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Statewide Contractor of Foreign Language Interpretation (In-Person) and Translation Services currently authorized under statewide contract PRF75.

Language Bridge, LLC is registered for Small Business Program Plan (SBPP).

Language Bridge, LLC has been a member of the Massachusetts Medical Interpreters Association since February 2001.